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Sales Tax Services

Are you looking for someone to administer your sales tax? America Tax & Accounting Corp. will lead the way into making sure your company's sales tax are administered correctly and efficiently. Call America Tax & Accounting Corp. for a Sales Tax Services accountant today.

When a company sells goods, our government charges the company a sales tax. This sales tax can sometimes be collected from the consumers who are purchasing said goods. Some products may be exempted from sales tax. There is a big list of taxable sales, some of its components include Manufacturer's Sales Tax, Wholesale Sales Tax, and Retail Sales Tax. These are three different types of sales tax which are charged at different points of sales. A point of sale can be at the check-out in the grocery store or at the check-out through a website. Our sales America Tax & Accounting Corp. is effective and will get the job done.

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We offer Sales Tax Services

America Tax & Accounting Corp. offers all individuals the best services in the industry. Our company is based in Miami, Florida. We have been in taxes and accounting for several years. Our tax & accounting company offers everything in the industry such as sales tax and property tax services, bookkeeping, notary public, payroll, EIN, and more. We are here to assist you and your company the best way we can. America Tax & Accounting Corp. focuses to bring a positive energy to your company empowering it to achieve bigger and bolder goals.

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